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You asked for it, now you got it! The 2016 Discraft Shoot the Breeze Open will be a one day tournament this year, on Saturday, June 4, at Lake Shore Park. More details as we get them. Check out the details on our Facebook page.

The 2016 Ashtabula Ice Bowl is coming up Saturday, February 6, at Lake Shore Park. As usual, we will be raising funds for Ashtabula Community Action's Meals for Seniors program, and collecting canned goods for Catholic Charities of Ashtabula. Here's a Link to the event on Disc Golf Scene.

GET YOUR FINGERS STICKY! The 2015 Sticky Fingers Tournament is ON for Saturday, September 19, at Lake Shore Park. Click HERE for a flyer, and click HERE for a link to the Disc Golf Scene page. It's always a great time at this event, held in conjunction with the Lake Shore Park Rib Burn-Off.

2015 Discraft Shoot the Breeze Open will be June 6 & 7 this year - The 2015 Discraft Shoot the Breeze Open is coming up June 6 & 7! For fifteen years, the Shoot the Breeze Disc Golf Club has been hosting this event. Click HERE for a link to Disc Golf Scene. This year, the STBO will be part of the NEO Point Series, with the NEO Bag Tag Sale contributing to the payout! We have bag tags for sale - contact any club officer to see how you can get yours!

2015 Ashtabula Ice Bowl

Thirty Five individuals took to the shores of Lake Erie in the 2015 Bathfitter sponsored Ashtabula Ice Bowl, today. The weather cooperated beautifully, with relatively clear skies, and very little wind - a rarity for those who are used to "Shooting the Breeze".

The event was a two player scramble, with Recreational and Advanced Divisions. Tournament Director Tom Mote made the following awards:


1st: Kevin Cruise and Brian Henry, winners for the third year in a row.
2nd: Travis Isenberg and Jess Finlaw
3rd: Kevin Daney and Paul Keller


1st: Trevor Murphy and Ken Benhamo
2nd: Kevin Smith and Rick Woodworth
3rd: Indiana Joe and David Tilson

The was also an event to win an Innova portable basket, won by Damien Bottles.

After the event, everyone was treated to three kinds of chili, made by Tom, Reggy, and Pat. There were also some other goodies in the way of carrot cake and brownies available for the participants.

Through their generosity, the players, along with our sponsor - Bath Fitters - raised $608 to be donated to Ashtabula Community Action's "Meals for Seniors" program. Ryan Whelpley was on hand to speak briefly about the program, and to accept the check.

The players also brought in canned goods, and Lynn Zalewski, representing Catholic Charities of Ashtabula, came in and spoke about what this organization does to help the underpriviliged.

The Shoot the Breeze Disc Golf Club would like to thank everyone who participated and helped. We would also like to thank the Lake Shore Park Commissioners for the use of the conference room to be our tournament headquarters. And Thanks to Trevor Murphy of Anhyzer Designs for his donations.

Go to our Facebook page for more pics!

2014 Sticky Fingers was awesome!!! 43 participants took part in the dual-event day of disc golf, held during the Lake Shore Park Rib Burn-Off. The weather was absolutely perfect (after last year's monsoon!), and the Shoot the Breeze Disc Golf Club was able to raise $842.50 for Beatitude House in Ashtabula!

Thanks to all of our sponsors: Briquettes Smokehouse, Play it Again Sports, Disc Golf Den (Cupcake!), and North Coast Voice Magazine... And thanks go out to the vendors at the Rib Burn-Off who donated prizes for our participants! And thanks to all the participants! A total of 43 individuals played Saturday, and this is the most $$ that the Shoot the Breeze Disc Golf Club has raised for this event!

Click HERE to see pictures on the Galleries Page.

Here are the top finishers in each event, and their scores:

Birdie Bash:

Ron McCollum - 24
Tony Keller - 22
Greg Marsh - 21
Mason Hults - 21
Eric "Sharky" Boyd - 20
Greg Garrett - 20
Don Bates - 19
Mike Owens - 17
Tom Mote - 16
Andy Morrison - 15
Mike Thomas - 15
Ken Benhamo - 15
Melissa Martin - 15


Red (Recreational)

James Schultz & Mark S - 48
Sarah Bryan & Mike Mote - 50
Joel Garn & Kyle Garn - 51

White (Intermediate)

Don Thomas & Mike Thomas - 48
Tim Kaihlanen & Tony Hall - 49
Noel Covey & Ken Benhamo - 50

Blue (Advanced)

Ron McCollum & Greg Garrett - 50
Dave Tilson & Mason Hults - 51
Don Bates & Mike Plank - 52
Joshua Threet & Tony Keller - 53

Thanks Again to EVERYONE!


The 2014 Discraft Shoot the Breeze Open is but a fond memory! Sixty Nine players participated in this year's event - click HERE to see the results!

2013 Sticky Fingers!

Sticky Fingers Participants

Well, the 2013 Sticky Fingers Disc Golf Event has come and gone, and what a day it was!  I woke up around 7 am, and immediately took a look at the weather radar - NOT GOOD - there was a band of showers running from SW to NE - and moving ever so slowly to the east.  Ashtabula was smack in the middle of it, as I could hear it running through the downspout outside.

I decided on the spot to try to move the start time, as it looked like the storms MIGHT move to the east a little later in the day.  So I got on FaceBook & Disc Golf Scene & posted notice that we would be moving the starting time for the Birdie Bash back to 1 pm (from 11 am) - and that the scramble would follow immediately after.

I also sent out text messages & emails to as many golfers as I could, & asked them to pass the word.

Since the original registration was to take place at 10 am, I thought I'd head to Lake Shore Park to see if there were any brave souls coming out at that time, that hadn't gotten the message.  Sure enough, Ron McCollum & Greg Garret, two Warren guys, and Chris Fowler & Tom Schmidt (who had made the trip from Columbus) were there at the course.  I gave them the news, and they didn't seem to mind - they were there to play disc golf!

Barry Switzer was another who showed up early - and he helped me put up the club's new canopy - it worked out well - and then we started pulling out the merchandise for display.

At this time, I'd like to thank Nate Rockwell at Briquettes Smokehouse in the Ashtabula Harbor for sponsoring this event.  Their generosity made this event a HUGE success, not only for the golfers, but also for our Charity, Beatitude House of Ashtabula.  We got a couple hundred discs printed up with the Briquettes logo, and they will be selling them in their restaurant on Bridge Street.

The rain hadn't let up, but it was very gradually creeping east... and moving north at the same time, but we still didn't know for sure how mother nature would treat us...

As we got closer to 1 pm, more and more golfers showed up, anxious to get under way.  One of the great things about this event is that it is held during the Rib Burn-Off, and literally, right across the street in the park are a dozen or so rib & food vendors, and, because this is always a charity event, they are always glad to provide gift certificates for food & other goodies for our players.

Before we got started, Sarah Masek, the director of Beatitude House in Ashtabula gave a short presentation of what Beatutude House does for women & children in Ashtabula.  Their purpose is to serve women & children that are bound in homelessness, and provide education and nurturing to help them get back on their feet.  Thank You Sarah for coming out!

When everyone was registered, with the rain still coming down, everyone headed out.  There were four groups of six, each starting on a different hole.  The object of this "Birdie Bash" was pretty simple.  You get two shots (taken from the red tees).  If you get an ace (hole in one), you get five points.  If you get a birdie (two shots), you get two points.  And if you "hit metal" - with either of the shots, you get one point.

The weather made it really difficult to score well, but in the end, the winner was Chris Fowler (one of the guys from Columbus), who scored 19 points.  And Chris was the only participant to hit an ACE - he did it on hole three, a 145 foot uphill shot.  That shot gave him the victory, as second place Tony Keller of Warren, scored 17 points.  Ron McCollum of Warren came in third, scoring 16 points.

After the "disc dollar" presentations to the winners (which were paid out through 12 places), the rain was starting to let up, and final registrations for the scramble events were going on.

By this time, the Rib Burn-Off was well under way, with Cleveland band "Chauncy Shives" rocking the pavilion just across the street.  The aroma of barbeque was piquing our hunger, but there was another round of disc golf to be played!

This event was a scramble, with three divisions: Red (Recreational), White (Intermediate), and Blue (Advanced).  Red & White were paid out in disc dollars, while Blue was paid out in cash.

Winners of the Red division were Michael Ray & Matt Silva, who shot a 48, edging out Bob Klingler & Mel Bendig.  Third place went to Mark Stankiewicz & James Schultz.

In the White division, the win went to Larry Bright & Michael Carletta, who shot a blistering 45, outdistancing "Mulligan" Mike Mote (54) and Tyler Starcher & Brandon Morrisey (55).

And in the Blue division, The winning team was Tony Keller & Josh Threet (of Warren), who shot a 51.  They edged out Gret Garrett & Ron McCollum, who also shot a 51, but were edged out in a tie-breaker.  Third place went to Chris Fowler & Tom Schmidt, who shot a 52.  The Blue division was definitely the most competitive, with all six teams being only two strokes apart.

So after all of the disc golfing was done, after all the prizes awarded, after all of the food was eaten, it ended up being a perfect day, after all.

Again, I would like to thank our sponsor, Briquettes Smokehouse, in the Ashtabula Harbor - check them out, it's a really great place with great food & craft beers.  I'd also like to thank Jim Ales of North Coast Voice Magazine for his donations, and also Clint Jackson for his donation as well.  And a HUGE thanks to all of the disc golfers who came out in the cold rain to have fun, but to raise money for Beatitude House of Ashtabula.  All told, the Shoot the Breeze Disc Golf Club will be presenting a check to Beatitude House in the amount of $668.00.

The 2013 Discraft Shoot the Breeze Open!

The 2013 Discraft Shoot the Breeze Open was AWESOME again! Thanks to everyone who came out, and thank you to our sponsors. We were able to pass out a ton of loot to the players!

The 2013 Ashtabula Ice Bowl - Saturday February 9!

The 2013 Ashtabula Ice Bowl is History! $517 was raised for Ashtabula Community Action's "Meals on Wheels" program, and 77 pounds of food donated to Ashtabula Catholic Charities. Both programs help feed the hungry in Ashtabula County. Thanks to our sponsor, Bath Fitter Ohio, and everyone else who made it happen! Click HERE for a link to the galleries page!

2012 Sticky Fingers

The Sticky Fingers Disc Golf Event was held Saturday, September 15. Several disc golf events were held, including our own "Ace Challenge", a "Sticky Fingers CTP", and a two person scramble (with three divisions). The Ace Challenge had 30 contestants, and was won by Marc Theodore of Cleveland. There was also a CTP event, with a twist. The contestants had to dip their throwing hand in barbeque sauce before throwing their disc! Here's a picture of winner Bob Klingler before his throw:

Bob Klingler Sticky Fingers

In the Scramble event, the recreational division was won by "Cupcake" Kathy and Dave Tilson, out of Chardon, Ohio. They shot a 47 from the red tees. The intermediate division went to Jerry Bland and Marc Theodore, who shot a blistering 45 from the white tees, and the advanced division went to Chris Dalton and Joe Latina, with an unbelievable 45 from the blues.

The real winner was the Beatitude House of Ashtabula. Site Director Sarah Masek was on hand from the facility, and took time to explain what their mission was all about - to provide apartment homes to disadvantaged and homeless women and children. The Shoot the Breeze Disc Golf Club was able to raise $510 for Beatitude House.

Congrats to Tom English and the Crew at Punderson Disc Golf Course

Saturday, September 22 was their first PDGA event at this course. 41 players took part in this C-Tier event, and the organizers did an awesome job. If you haven't seen this course, you need to get out there and take a look. Allow plenty of time - it's LONG! Very challenging, especially from the blue tees. The course has really shaped up into what was envisioned years ago.

Looking Back - The 2012 Discraft Shoot the Breeze Open

As always, this was a great event. 83 participants had the opportunity to "Shoot the Breeze" - The really nasty weather did hold off until we were done, packed up, and on our way out! Go to the Archive page to see the results, and we'll have pics posted soon! A special thanks to our primary sponsor, Discraft, and our local co-sponsors:

Gina's Designs - Squire Shoppe Bakery - Subway - Edge-O-Town Motel - Northwest Savings Bank - Advanced Management Systems - Scenes From Above Photography - Shoot the Breeze Disc Golf Club - North Coast Voice Magazine