Seattle Ramadan Sehri & Iftar Time Today - Seattle Fasting Calendar 2024 (2024)

Sehri time in Seattle today, on Jul 10, 2024 (04 Muharram 1446), is 03:17 AM and Seattle Iftar timing today is 9:08 PM for Fiqa e Hanafia; Sehri time today in Seattle is 03:07 AM and Seattle Iftar timing is 09:18 PM for Fiqa e Jafria. Ramadan calendar 2024 for Seattle indicates fasting time for sehri & iftar; Sehri is the pre-dawn meal and Iftar is meal after sunset. Download and view complete 30 Days Ramadan Timetable 2024 for Seattle.

Date Suhoor Iftar
10 Jul, 2024 03:17 am 9:08 pm

Jafria: Sehr 03:07 Am Iftar 09:18 Pm

Note: 1 minute preventative difference in Suhoor (-1 min) & Iftar (+1 min)

Seattle Prayer Time

Seattle Suhoor Time & Iftar Time Today

The Ramadan calendar for 2024 in Seattle is based on today's Sehri time Seattle and Iftar timings Seattle, check the schedule for the entire month. Ramadan 2024 begins on March 12, 2024, and ends on April 9, 2024, in Seattle. Today's Sehri time Seattle is 03:17 AM, and Iftar time today Seattle is 9:08 PM, as of July 10, 2024 (04 Muharram 1446).

Disclaimer: Please note that there is a 1-minute difference in both sehri and iftar times. Sehri ends 1 minute earlier, while iftar starts with a 1-minute delay. Islamuna endeavors to verify all information and times, including Daylight Saving Time (DST) in some countries, it is recommended to verify the Ramadan start date with your local mosque or masjid.

Ramadan in Seattle

Seattle is a city in United States known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance. During Ramadan, Muslims in Seattle practice fasting abstain from food, drink, and other physical needs during daylight hours, and focus on prayer, charity, and good deeds. This page is your ultimate source for a comprehensive Ramadan 2024 Seattle Calendar with Suhoor Time Today, Iftar Time Today, and daily updates. Ramadan Timings of 30 days for various cities are also available by country online in this section.

For Today 10 Jul, 2024: Islamic date 04 Muharram 1446, Seattle Ramadan Timings are as follows: Suhoor Time Today is at 03:17 am and Iftar Time Today is at 9:08 pm. According to Fiqa Jafria, Suhoor and Iftar's Timings for today are as follows: Suhoor Time Today is at 03:07 am and Iftar Time Today is at 09:18 pm. This Ramadan Calendar is a reliable source for fasting times today, specifically for Seattle, and caters to all Fiqh and sect. Keep yourself informed by regularly visiting our Ramadan Timings page and maximizing the benefits of this blessed month.

Seattle, known for its natural beauty and thriving tech industry, is home to a growing Muslim community that celebrates Ramadan with great passion and devotion. During this holy month, Muslims in Seattle come together for prayer, reflection, and community building, and there are many events and activities planned throughout the city to mark the occasion.

One of the most important resources for anyone celebrating Ramadan in Seattle is the Ramadan calendar of Seattle. This calendar lists the dates and Seattle Ramadan timing 2023, as well as the times for Sehri and Iftar, the daily meals that break the fast. Sehri time in Seattle, the pre-dawn meal, is a time for spiritual reflection and sustenance, while Iftar time in Seattle, the evening meal, is a time for community and celebration.

If you're looking for Sehri timing in Seattle, you can find this information easily by checking the Seattle Ramadan Timing 2023 on this website or checking with local mosques and Islamic centers. The timing of Sehri can vary depending on the location and time of year, so it's important to have the most up-to-date information.

Iftar timings in Seattle are also easily accessible through the Seattle Ramadan calendar or local Islamic organizations. During Iftar, the fast is broken with dates and water, followed by a meal with friends, family, and community members. Many mosques and Islamic centers in Seattle offer Iftar meals, and there are also community Iftar events that are open to the public.

Some famous Mosques that arrange Sehri and Iftar in Seattle are mentioned here:

•Idris Mosque
•Islamic Center of Eastside
•North Seattle Islamic Center
•Islamic School of Seattle

Whether you are a lifelong resident of Seattle or a visitor to the city, Ramadan is a wonderful time to experience the vibrant culture and traditions of the Muslim community. With its stunning natural beauty, cutting-edge technology, and warm hospitality, Seattle is a great place to celebrate this special time of year.

When is Ramadan in Seattle 2024 expected?

Ramadan in Seattle 2024 is expected to begin on the evening of Sunday, 10th March. The first day of fasting or Roza is then expected to be on Tuesday, 11th March.

Today Suhoor Time Seattle

According to 10 Jul, 2024, Suhoor Time Today Seattle is 03:17 am.

Today Iftar Time Seattle

According to 10 Jul, 2024, Iftar Time Today Seattle is 9:08 pm.

Today Fasting Start and End Time

According to 10 Jul, 2024, Fasting time today Seattle starts from 03:17 am and ends at 9:08 pm.

Ramadan 2024 Seattle Start and End Date

This year Ramadan 2024 will be expected to start on 10 March and Ends on 9 April.

What is Today Sehri time Seattle Hanafi?

Today Sehri time Seattle Hanafi is 03:17 AM.

What is Today Iftar time Seattle Hanafi?

Today Iftar time Seattle Hanafi is 9:08 PM.

What is Today Sehri time Seattle Jafria?

Today Sehri time Seattle Jafria is 03:07 AM.

What is Today Iftar time Seattle Jafria?

Today Iftar time Seattle Jafria is 09:18 PM.

Eid Ul Fitr 2024 Seattle

This year Eid ul Fitr will be expected to celebrate in Seattle on 9 April 2024.

Eid ul Fitr Holidays

This year Eid ul Fitr celebration will be expected from 9 April 2024 to 11 April 2024.

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Comments: Seattle Ramadan Times

Alhamdulillah that I'm. Bless with this month again. It the time to get ready for worshiping and asking for forgiveness. To check the time it's on my fingertips. What else I could desire for

  • Noreen, Seattle

There was a misconception before when I don't know about fiqh. Broke my fast normally when maghrib adhan is called time early and sometime late due to the minute difference in adhans of both fiqh. Prefer time over adhan is feasible doing right

  • Raiqa, Seattle

Ramadan Schedule works best in rest of the months to draft day to day task. Regular display of sehri & iftar time is the new feature of this site. Coming here on fasting days is such a release.

  • Lalarukh, Seattle

Allah took reward of fasting in his own hands.Time to enter into the position of Ramadan mode from suhoor, praying, worshipping, Sadaqah, helping out , iftar and taraweeh. Repeat anticlockwise

  • Habiba, Seattle

I am excited and nervous at the same time with the performance level in Ramadan. Become weaken in the middle of the month.Fasting demand a lot from us wish I stand up on the expectation

  • Ramis, Seattle


Seattle Ramadan Sehri & Iftar Time Today - Seattle Fasting Calendar 2024 (2024)
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